Kristian Costa-Zahn

Kristian Costa-Zahn

Head of Creation UFA Lab/UFA

Kristian Costa-Zahn is Head of Creation of the UFA new media units „UFA Lab“ and „UFA Interactive“.

He graduated as a Master of Arts with an interactive feature film in 2003. The following years he worked as a conceptual and graphic designer and film director. His core skill is the combination of film and new media. He received awards for his multimedia film projects for Adidas and Deutsche Post.

He works for UFA Film & TV Produktion since 2006 and was the creative lead for many 360° storytelling projects of all UFA brands.

As a creative producer he brought the following projects to life among others: The UFA casting platform „Your Chance“ (2009), the interactive video travel application „Rail Adventures“ (2010) und the ZDF cross media project „Wer rettet Dina Foxx“ (2011). His actual focus of work is transmedia, interactive storytelling and branded entertainment.
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