Katharina Kokoska

Katharina Kokoska

Web consultant & blogger CEO of Servicio Creativo, online agency

Katharina Kokoska is Internet consultant based on the island of Gran Canaria. Skills: search engine optimization, web design and social media marketing. Basics: German language and literature studies in Frankfurt/Main and master’s degree for Management of Information Systems in Konstanz (IHK 2004).

At first glance literature and information technology are obviously very different fields of knowledge, but in her today’s working life she can combine them perfectly. To plan and implement a successful Internet concept needs technical know-how as well as high quality content.

In 2005 Katharina Kokoska moved with her husband to the Canary Islands. She was 26 years old when she starts her first business: a creative agency, which is in business to this day. Beside her consultative capacity she also collaborates with a great network consisting of bloggers, designers and other web workers. Furthermore in early 2011 she started her own weblog www.frisch-gebloggt.de where she publishes columns about current events weekly.